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Child / Adolescent Counseling

Is your child having difficulty at home or in school? Is your child unhappy, withdrawn, or out of control? Help is available. By working mutually with you, your child and school personnel as necessary, we will help design an effective solution for everyone.

Couples Therapy

Do you want to make a good relationship better or rebuild one that may be fading - we can help. Based on cognitive-behavioral and problem-solving approaches, we will help you to repair and strengthen your relationship.

Family Therapy

Often children experience problems that involve the entire family. We provide therapy that will help identify your concerns, pinpoint any maladaptive patterns of interaction or in-ability to cope while offering solutions to improve each area.

Adult Therapy

Do you feel “stuck” and can't seem to change how you think, feel, and act? We can help you realize your negative patterns, and offer ways to cope and change these to better your life.

Mount Si Counseling Services
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